Krups Coffee Bean Grinder

Krups Coffee Bean Grinder

Why a Krups coffee bean grinder?

Nothing can beat that fresh brewed cup of coffee in the morning. Nothing wakes you up and gets you ready for your day than that soul warming first sip of caffeinated love in the morning. A Krups coffee bean grinder can get you closer to that perfect cup!

If you’re still with me, then you probably want to think about a Krups coffee bean grinder to make that morning coffee even better… yeah, I said better.

If you use a coffee bean grinder just before you brew, your coffee will be enhanced. When coffee is ground, it releases oils inside the bean. Those oils are what give off that wonderful smell that even people who don’t like coffee love.

Why Krups?

Krups is a trusted brand in the coffee world. Krups has been in business since 1846 as a maker of precision scales

They have been making coffee bean grinders since the early 20th century when they introduced their first grinder the “Mokka.” In the 1950s they created one of the first espresso machines to use a pressure valve to extract espresso.

vintage coffee grinder with coffee beans

As recently as the 1980s, Krups released the ‘Esperto.’ The Krups Esperto is a fully automatic espresso machine that could grind, tamp and brew espresso with the push of a button.

Krups has been in the coffee business for longer than most and they know how to manufacture a solid piece of coffee making equipment. If you’re looking for something you can trust, a Krups coffee bean grinder may be the way to go.

Predominant types of coffee bean grinders

There are two main types of coffee bean grinders: blade grinders and burr grinders. Both will get you what you need, they just do it in different ways.

Blade Grinders

When you think of a blade grinder, the easiest way to think of them is to think about a food processor with its spinning blades chopping everything up. That is the same way a coffee blade grinder works.

How you should use a blade grinder for coffee

  1. Add your whole coffee beans – measure out your whole coffee beans (include a little extra–more on this later) and put them in the top of the blade grinder
  2. Cover the top of the grinder – be sure the top is on tight. The blades will be spinning shortly and the coffee could make a mess if the cover is not on tightly.
  3. Press the button for a specific period of time – There will be a button on the top of the front of the coffee blade grinder. You want to press the button for given period of time. Just like a food processor, the amount of time the blades spin specifies the size of the grind. The grind will go from course to find the longer you press the button.

Why the extra beans?

Consider the fact that when you measure the larger whole beans, there will be more space between the beans. Once the whole coffee beans have been ground down, there is far less space and as a result you may not have as much ground coffee as you need.

Adding a little bit more whole beans will help to ensure you have what you need to brew your coffee.

Experiment with grind times

It may take you a little while to get the hand of how long to grind the beans. Remember, you can always grind for longer, you can never grind for shorter time!

Coffee grind time for coffee maker chart

Burr Grinders

Burr grinders are a bit different. instead of a food processor, think of a coin sorting machine. The burr grinder is set for you level of grind, and once the coffee is ground to that size it will fall through the grinder into the collection vessel.

Many burr grinders have a hopper on top and as the burr grinder runs, the beans fall down from the top through the burrs and into the vessel at the bottom.

So, like the blade grinder, you want to think about how long the grind should run for. But unlike the blade grinder, where time relates to grind size, with a burr grinder time is related to the amount of ground coffee at the end.

Krups Coffee Bean Grinder Offerings

Krups offers three different coffee bean grinders. You might assume that because burr coffee bean grinders are widely considered better that they would offer more burr coffee grinders. That would make since, but they offer two blade grinders and one burr grinder. Well, take a look at the offerings and I think you’ll understand why…

Krups Coffee Grinder

Krups Blade Coffee Grinder


This Krups coffee bean grinder is as straight forward as they come with a simple compact design. It has an opening at the top for the whole beans you’ll be grinding.

There is a snug tight lid and a single button. Inside, the stainless-steel blades will spin, when you press the button, to grind your bean into a course of fine grind depending on the time you hold the button down.

This particular model is a best seller  blade coffee grinder and will get you that great cup of coffee.

To use this safe grinder, simply add your beans cover, and press the button at the top. Once you’ve gotten used to the time it takes to grind the amount of beans you need, then using this Krups blade grinder will be like an old habit.

Krups blade coffee grinder pictured from above with ground coffee

Krups Silent Vortex Coffee Bean Grinder

Krups silent vortex blade coffee bean grinder


Wake up to freshly ground aromatic coffee without disturbing your household with the Krups blade coffee bean grinder. This electric coffee grinder is designed to be ultra-quiet, making it perfect for small apartments or shared living spaces.

As a coffee lover, you can experience the full flavor of your favorite beans without the loud noise of traditional grinders. With this silent beauty, you can enjoy your morning cup of coffee and achieve different grinds simply without disturbing anyone else in the home.

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Krups Adjustable Burr Grinder

Krups adjustable burr grinder GX500050


This coffee bean grinder has a flat metal burr grinder to produce a more consistent grind. It has two dials, one for setting the coarseness of the grind and another for the duration of the grind. Remember, the fine/course dial is for your particular coffee brewing device and the time is for the quantity of ground coffee, which is different than a blade grinder.


Final thoughts

Krups is a trusted company with decades of experience with coffee products. They’ve produced 3 coffee bean grinders that will improve your coffee and they’ve done it at a reasonable price!

If you’re interested in Krups coffee bean grinders, or any other Krups products, have a look at the entire catalog of Krups products

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